Robo-Mall Cop

This isn't the first time we've heard about Japan experimenting with robot security guards at malls. But this new approach seems even more unusual--especially with the robot's Spider-man like web.


Japanese researchers in Tokyo on Wednesday unveiled a robotic mall cop, a two-foot-high security guard on wheels that can track down bad guys running amok on commercial property and disable them with a 'Spider-Man' like web.

Named the T-34, possibly after the legendary Soviet tank of World War II, the little blue guy on wheels weighs about 25 pounds and has a top speed of about 6 mph — not quite as fast as Paul Blart's Segway.

"We have basically designed the robot for corporate use and we expect private security companies to buy them instead of using human guards, but there will also be those tailored for use in homes," Tmsuk Co.'s Mariko Ishikawa told London's Daily Telegraph.


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