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At CMH Architects, we believe the key to quality design begins with the four principals, who have more than 100 years of design experience, and are personally involved in, or oversee, each and every project from inception through post-construction. This expertise is complemented by a staff of experienced associates whose distinctive work is now evident throughout the United States. The firm's practice includes mixed-use developments, mall design, trend-setting lifestyle centers and department stores, as well as theaters and restaurant design, office buildings and schools.

CMH Architects has an architectural staff of 35 as well as a graphic design department. The firm has designed projects in 27 states from Florida to Vermont and North Carolina to Nevada. Over the course of 24 years, CMH has been a leader in the design of key trends in retail development. The firm's list of repeat clients includes: Aronov Realty Management, Bayer Properties Inc., BOS Group, Cadillac-Fairview, CBL & Associates Properties, Colonial Properties Trust, Cousins Properties, David Hocker & Associates, Faison, General Growth Properties, Jim Wilson & Associates, MG Herring and The Trotman Co.

CMH believes that helping to manage the development process is just as important as the project design itself. We strive to remain current on the ever-evolving architectural landscape as well as on specific tenant needs and preferences, then to incorporate that knowledge and insight into designs that are unique, functional, cost-effective and that meet the unique requirements of our clients' pro formas. We believe the keys to successful projects are communication, quick turnaround of master plans and responsiveness during the entire planning, design and construction process. This emphasis on the client's needs, desires and concerns is the foundation for strong relationships built on common goals and understanding of the entire retail development process.

Contact Info

CMH Architects Inc.
1800 International
Park Dr.
Suite 300
Birmingham, AL 35243

Telephone: 205.969.2696
Fax: 205.969.3930
Web site:
E-mail: [email protected]
Size of Firm: 35
Year Established: 1980
Key Contacts: Jerry McWilliams, President
Everett Hatcher, EVP

TAGS: Development
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