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Your retail center's anchor has closed its doors and tenants have relocated. As great as the challenge may be, this is an ideal time to reposition your center. It is an opportunity to recreate your space, evaluate market demands and become more competitive. It allows you to gain a better understanding of your demographics, identify the right tenant mix, and be better prepared for the market turnaround.

Successful repositionings begin with some of the very design basics:

  1. — Differentiate Between Repair and Replace

    Review and question existing conditions to evaluate what is viable. Consider adaptively reusing structural elements and materials to alleviate costs. Develop a strategic price point and a basic action list, enabling your architect to identify varying options.

  2. — Cosmetic Enhancements Make a Strong Statement on a Lean Budget

    Use accents, textures, colors and patterns as appropriate. Paint is the least expensive and least labor intensive upgrade that can be performed. Find durable, low-maintenance, local materials to compliment the aesthetic.

  3. — Signage, Lighting and Landscaping Enhancements Greatly Impact Perceptions

    Make sure that wayfinding is clear and graphics are updated. Enhanced lighting is an inexpensive way to ensure that your center stands out. Landscaping should compliment the environment and not obstruct the visibility of tenants and signage.

  4. — Enhance Site Circulation

    Find a way to create consistent circulation to connect all pieces. The intent should be to unify the center and create a single experience for pedestrians with clear, well-lighted access to and from retailers.

  5. — Activate Public Spaces

    Creating a sense of place is integral and does not have to be costly. Enhance the pedestrian experience by adding furniture, umbrellas, canopies, piped music, bike racks, paving, fountains or planters. The type and variety of space should be reflective of the repositioning strategy.

Partnering with an experienced consultant enables you to separate your property from the competition. For 30 years, Perkowitz+Ruth Architects has been working with retailers and developers of all sizes to provide cost-effective, quality design that works. We offer a number of incremental services to help you find creative solutions, such as conceptual design studies, sustainability evaluations and disabled access surveying.


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