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The sun shines in at Bloomingdale's California

Federated's quadruple conversion of the former Broadway Stores in California into Bloomingdale's units resulted in more than 950,000 sq. ft. of new retail space. The exteriors were designed by New York-based architects, Kohn Pedersen Fox. Interiors were created by Robert Young Associates, Dallas.

Bloomingdale's new stores are at the opposite end of the brightness scale from Bergdorf's subtle sixth floor. Bloomingdale's opted for interior light levels that are 50 percent higher than what is typical for most department stores and large specialty stores.

The lighting creates an unmistakable visual link from the sunlit California brightness outside to the store inside.

Four redesigned California Bloomingdale'sunits (formerly Broadway Stores branches) are characterized by an all-over interior brightness and exciting atmosphere and sleek, inviting restaurants.

Fixturing thoughout the store is modular. "Sliver" or "item shops" are used in the aisles instead of tables to show merchandise, negating the perception of aisle clutter.

The aisles appear wide and open, and they invite browsing. Walls throughout the stores are white, providing a unifying contemporary background for the merchandise. Sales associates in the cosmetics department interact with customers at low tables and counters that replace typical waist-high showcases.

Fresh flowers placed in three-foot-high test tube-like holders sit in the midst of groups of mannequins, providing a unique display technique. Mannequins are grouped at high traffic points, adding to the interactive, customer-friendly feeling that Bloomingdale's has established for its California stores.

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