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Timberland Westfield

New Store, Less than 5,000 Square Feet

Timberland is a brand that has been around for a while. But the retailer wanted to “create a visually dynamic shopfront” with a new store in London. Checkland Kindleysides succeeded in bringing the iconic brand into a memorable location. Judges were most impressed with how the design firm used Timberland's famous tree logo as the inspiration for the store's facade. Detailing within the store is also impressive. For example, the stores seating and shelving created from stacked lumber evoke a rustic feel and succeeds as a “beautiful integration of materials.” As one of our SADI judges wrote, “The environment is inspiring — bringing the product to the forefront with engaging visual merchandising and impeccable attention to detail.”

Project Name

Timberland Westfield


Westfield Shopping Centre
London, United Kingdom

Square Footage

2,560 square feet

Design Consultancy

Checkland Kindleysides




Design Consultancy

Checkland Kindleysides: Clive Hunt, associate design director; Henry Barnes, account director; Hannah Shepherd, senior project manager; Richard Dunkin, project director


Timberland European Services Ltd.: Ales Kernjak, head of visual communications; Chistopher Heeney, head of visual merchandising; Kevin Lewsey, store design manager; Sean McCorry, store development

Project Management


Bespoke Fixtures

Checkland Kindleysides



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