State Approves UK, EdR Plan for $101M Student Housing Phase

State Approves UK, EdR Plan for $101M Student Housing Phase


LEXINGTON, KY—The state legislature has approved a $101.2 million plan by the University of Kentucky and student housing firm EdR to build modern residence halls at the school.

The Capital Projects and Bond Oversight Committee of the Kentucky Legislature has provided the final required approval to proceed with Phase II-B — the next phase of the University of Kentucky’s (UK) master plan to systematically replace outdated residence halls.

The phase will include three five-to-seven story buildings — Woodland Glen III, IV and V — that will provide 1,610 beds within two-bedroom apartments along with classrooms, active learning spaces and study lounges. EdR will manage and operate these residence halls when completed in summer 2015.

Randy Churchey, EdR president and chief executive officer, said the combination of 601 beds in Phase I, 2,381 beds in Phase II-A and the upcoming 1,610 beds in Phase II-B makes UK’s campus revitalization the largest and swiftest such expansion in student housing history with a total of 4,592 beds. Future phases for 2016 and beyond are currently in the planning stages with the university.  “EdR is proud that our public-private partnership with the University of Kentucky is bringing about a new reality and revitalization on the UK campus,” Churchey said in a statement.

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