Levin Named Agent for Shopping Center

MOORESTOWN—Levin Management has been named property manager and leasing agent for Moorestown Shopping Center, a 48,920-sq.-ft. retail venue at 200 West Camden Avenue. Located near the signalized intersection of Route 73 and Route 537 in Burlington County, Moorestown Shopping Center has a daily traffic count of more than 20,000 cars on West Camden Avenue, with an additional 54,000 on Route 73.

The center is one of the area’s few local retail venues and contains a strong mix of fitness, restaurant and service tenants. Retro Fitness, the market-leading health club, is a major tenant, along with Dunkin’ Donuts, Family Dollar and a number of local businesses, including a dry cleaner, a kung fu studio and a tanning and beauty salon.

More than 50 percent of households within three miles of the shopping center earn in excess of $75,000 and nearly 15 percent earn $150,000 or more. Some 7.3 percent earn in excess of $200,000, and the average household outspends national averages on food and beverages by almost 20 percent, entertainment by nearly 24 percent, household furnishings by more than 25 percent and apparel by more than 22 percent.

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