About Viewpoints

Viewpoints is an integrated media offering from NREIOnline.com that enables investors, lenders, developers, brokers and other commercial real estate firms to engage the community with product agnostic, data rich perspectives and opinions on a wide range of topics. 

Each Viewpoints contribution will be placed on the NREIOnline.com home page, on one of the three topic channels on our site. As a bonus, selected Viewpoints will be added to one of our newsletters by our editors. Submissions are limited to three per month, and can be delivered in text (preferred), PDF or video. While our staff does not edit Viewpoints, they are reviewed for suitability. And best of all, there’s no cost for contributing your Viewpoints.

Submission Guidelines

  • Commentaries should reflect you or your firms’ views on one of several broad topics (finance & investment, property types or services)
  • Contributed content must be product agnostic, data rich, and opinion orientated
  • Each piece of content should be either a commentary, outlook or insight on commercial real estate
  • Content will not be edited, but will be reviewed to insure suitability for distribution.
  • NREIonline.com reserves right to remove or not distribute submitted content
  • All submissions must include: 
    1. Name of author
    2. Firm association
    3. Date
    4. Web site link to original page where content was posted
    5. Title of commentary
  • You will have the copyright on your commentary, but by submitting you are providing us the right to redistribute on NREIonline.com.com digital services (web, newsletters, mobile)
  • Upon written request your content will removed at any time after posting.

How to Contribute to Viewpoints

E-Mail NREIonline.com Directly

  • You can e-mail NREIonline.com directly with your content submission by following the steps below.


Step 1. Click HERE to send your Viewpoints submissions directly to the NREIonline.com staff

Step 2. Attach your content as a Word Document

Step 3. Provide an author headshot or firm logo (595x335 high resolution jpg. preferred)

Step 4. Provide the URL where the piece of content was originally posted in the e-mail

Step 5. Submit your content for approval to the NREIonline.com staff




For all questions and troubleshooting please contact:

David Bodamer
Executive Director, Content & User Engagement
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 212-204-4207