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The Landmark

The Landmark

One of the most amazing features of the 180,000-square-foot supermarket and food court at the Landmark Department Store in Manila is the fact that the ceiling heights average only 11 feet throughout the store. To prevent a claustrophobic feeling, a series of light-colored floating panels are suspended below the exposed ceiling structure that, in turn, is painted dark. As a result, it creates the illusion of a much taller and spacious environment throughout the 94,000-square-foot supermarket and 51,000-square-foot food court. Hugh A. Boyd Architects masked the structural columns reinforced with armatures by wrapping them in bowl-shaped fabrications. The bowls become a further design element.

Project Name
The Landmark

Manila, Philippines

Square Footage
180,000 square feet

Hugh A. Boyd Architects

The Landmark Corp.


General Contractor

Lighting Designer
The Lighting Practice

Light Fixtures
Ping Hao Lighting

Graphic Design
Leslie Evans Design, GRA Architects

Architectural Materials Supplies Trading Ltd.

Furniture & Displays
Hussman Tempcool PTE; Target Display; Ramler Contract; Fabtech

Color & Bowl Design
Susan Roberts

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