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An amenity with meaning

My wife, Carolyn, is a road warrior personified, and as such she's always full of ideas on how hotels can improve their service, facilities or amenities. Here's one I think has particular merit.

Many frequent travelers, including her and me and probably you, print out their airline boarding passes at home or in the office before they leave on a trip. To do so on the return trip usually means you must pay the exorbitant prices charged by hotel business centers just for a two-minute function or go to the nearest Kinko's where the cost isn't much less. Typically, I just do without and get my boarding pass at the airport along with the great unwashed.

Her idea of a great amenity is for hotels to print out the passes the night before guests check out and present them at the front desk as the guests depart. The guest would need to provide his or her departure info and confirmation number at check-in or sometime during the stay. Perhaps it could be done online at a secure site. Thanks to technology, most night auditors have little to do these days besides trying to stay awake. At most hotels, the auditor could print the passes and collate them with the folios with time still left over for homework or to peruse Maxim, Playboy or Cooking Light.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on why this would or wouldn't work.

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