Antiwar Demonstrators Target Long Island Malls

This is interesting, especially in light of the December ruling in California that allows protesters access to malls on the grounds that malls are "public forums."

In Long Island in March, a man was arrested and removed from a mall when he wouldn't remove an anti-war shirt. Now local protest groups are initiating a "Stop the War" tour of various malls in Long Island to take place this summer.

Newsday has more:

Long Island peace activists will converge on the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington Station Saturday in the first event of a planned Summer 2008 Stop the War Long Island Mall Tour.

The peace groups were part of a mall controversy in March, when 80-year-old Don Zirkel was arrested when he refused to take off his anti-war T-shirt in the food court of the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove. Charges were dropped against Zirkel, a member of Pax Christi Long Island, the Catholic Peace Movement, and peace activist Susan McKeon-Steinmann, 63, in First District Court in Central Islip last month.


Plans call for "a mall a month" anti-war demonstration, including July 26 at Roosevelt Field, Garden City; Aug. 23 at South Shore Mall, Bay Shore; and a September return to the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove.

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