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The boutique computer

You can always count on Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants to be on the technology tip. For the latest proof, guest convenienceâand, no doubt, aesthetics--itâ™s showcasing uniquely flexible Apple computers.

Now that Apple is using Intel chips, its computers can run both Mac and Windows operating systemsâunlike Windows-limited PCs. That versatility is the reason Kimpton , a key player in the boutique hotel field, is installing Apple iMac computers in its business centers.

Kimpton partnered with ElevenWireless, a Portland, OR company, to develop ElevenBC, its all-in-one business center solution.

âœSome of our guests favor Windows and others prefer Mac,â says Andrew Furrer, vice president of technology at San Francisco-based Kimpton. âœElevenBC is tailored for delivering a seamless experience for business travelers, regardless of their preferred environment.â

What Kimpton left unsaid in its news release is that iMacsâwhite, flat-screen computers that deliver great graphics in a minimalist, elegant designâperfectly complement (and compliment) Kimptonâ™s own, individualist aesthetic sense.

Will Kimpton follow the Westin Chicago River North and install iMacs in all its guestrooms? It would be a perfect fit. Itâ™s nice to see Apple going more mainstream in such a boutique fashion.

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