Cracking the Boomer Code

Figuring out how best to serve Baby Boomers remains a key question for the retail industry. Apparently, there's still a lot to be learned.

Greenwald, 50, and Solomon-Turner, 60, share the same frustrations. They don't understand why most stores don't have a clue that while their bodies may be aging, their spirits are not.

"I am not in denial, but I also don't have the AARP attitude," said Greenwald, a real estate executive. "I won't go to a store that focuses on older people." She just snapped up a pair of red platform shoes and flaunts her toned figure by wearing slim-fitting clothes that graze right above her knee.

Solomon-Turner, who prefers black leggings, agrees.

"I keep an eye on the trends. I want to be in fashion," said the co-owner of a public relations company. "But I don't want to wear mini skirts."

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