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Don't go on the balcony

News about the hotel industry comes from a wide variety of sources, even the notorious Page Six gossip column in the New York Post. Today's edition of the rag reports on a potential structural problem at The Setai, the condo hotel of the moment on Miami's South Beach.

According to the Post, owners of condo units at the property have been told not to venture onto their balconies for fear they may collapse. Not only are owners and guests deprived of the great views, but they also can't use the Jacuzzis on some of the units' balconies.

Management blames Hurricane Wilma for the problem and says inspectors will check the balconies next week with necessary repairs to follow. You can bet that owners, who paid between $1.25 million and $25 million for their units, will keep the heat on management until the situation is fixed.

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