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The Fifth and Finest MLIS Is Around the Corner

Excuse this self-promotional plug, but I really am excited about the upcoming Midwest Lodging Investors Summit in Chicago this July. This will be the fifth year for MLIS and we're well on our way to having our greatest lineup of speakers and panel topics.

I know it's early — almost four months from the gathering at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place from July 16-18 — but I am looking forward to hearing Strategic Hotels CEO Laurence Geller kick off the event. The CEOs panel that follows has an eclectic assortment of leaders, like Best Western's David Kong, Interstate Hotels' Jim Abrahamson and Concord's Mark Laport to name a few. The lunch conversation with Brand USA CEO Jim Evans and AH&LA Chair Nancy Johnson is sure to enlighten us on what those two groups are doing to ensure this country regains its status as the place to visit.

After lunch we're splitting into three groups for in-depth back-to-back repeating sessions breaking down Urban, Suburban and Interstate markets. Attendees will get to attend two of three, and hear about the specific opportunities and challenges in each.

We'll also have what we're loosely calling our Financial Pavilion, with a handful of active hotel lenders setting up shop to talk about the money they have available. We'll even be making appointments for you, if you so desire. The final session of the event is the “Who's Got Money?” panel discussing if, when and where credit is available.

I could go on, but then what would I have to write about next time? Plus you're probably getting bored. Hope to see you in Chicago, and click here for more information on MLIS. And as always, please email me with any questions.

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