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The Heavenly Burger

Like a lot of business travelers, I sometimes end up ordering roomservice dinner. It's certainly not glamorous; in fact, it can be a little depressing but that's life on the road.

A burger is usually a good, comforting choice for roomservice dinner, and over the years I've had plenty of Marriott burgers, which some road warriors lionize as the ultimate roomservice food. I generally agree, until tonight when I had my first Westin roomservice burger.

First of all, service is great here at the Westin Charlotte (host hotel for this week's AAHOA Conference). The property is full, but my order arrived in less than the 45-minute window promised by the ordertaker. As a result, the burger was hot and the fries crunchy. The burger was thick and juicy and topped by a tasty tomato (hard to do in March) and carmelized onions (a nice touch). The bun was brushed with oil and nicely toasted.

So next time you're in a Westin, the home of the Heavenly Bed, try one of the Heavenly Burgers (my term).

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