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HITEC Products Live: RF Online Locking

TimeLox today announced installation of its wireless radio frequency online lock system, the TimeLox DC-One Online, at the Four Seasons Washington. The company says the installation will give the hotel total security control from its front desk.

Now operating in more than 20,000 guestrooms worldwide, this online system provides hotels a cost-effective wireless online two-way communication between the property's host security system and the standalone electronic locks installed throughout the hotel. Unlike traditional off-line standalone locks, the wireless online system utilizes RF-online communication capabilities to eliminate the need to travel to each guestroom to perform tasks such as reprogramming individual locks or identifying and changing low batteries, as well as the need for a guest to return to the front desk to change a room or extend his or her stay. Also, the system communicates with multiple rooms at once, reducing the number of network components required for installation.

Go to the company's website, for more information on this and other TimeLox products.

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