Mall as Movie Set

Here's a quirky little story about a failing mall that will be salvaged--at least temporarily--as a movie set.

Who says Hollywood never casts anyone over 40?

Although the mall's selection is by no means certain, it could be an ideal location. "They want to control the area," Elderd said. In other words, "they want it closed," he said. "And they don't want people to shop."

Not much fear of that happening. Shoppers are hard to find right now, even though the mall isn't officially shut down yet.

Sometime this year, owner Simon Property Group (NYSE: SPG) plans to close the mall, raze the aging structure and rebuild it as an outdoor center containing big-box retailers, restaurants and Swedish furniture store Ikea.

The filming would take place sometime after the mall closes but before it is torn down.

We took a look at how malls are used as sites for movies and television shows in May.

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