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Speaking of news from the hotel industry (see editor Ed Watkinsâ€â„¢ entry "Donâ€â„¢t go on the balcony"), I get my daily dose of happenings and juicy tidbits from Here youâ€â„¢ll find up-to-the-moment reporting of the latest deals, gossip and frank observations on everything lodging.

This daily web magazine "is dedicated to covering everything related to hotels and lodging around the world." Readers are invited to post insights on their travel experiences, including photos, and youâ€â„¢ll see it all—the good, the bad and the ugly. Itâ€â„¢s a hodgepodge of industry wheelings and dealings, tips for booking online, celebrity sightings and solid information.

The attitude is fresh and cheeky (and sometimes snarky), but always fun. Be sure to bookmark it.

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