Running of the Brides on Hold

Filene's Basement is going to temporarily close its flagship store downtown at the end of the summer.

That decision came the day before Vornado and Gale Co. announced the closing of their previously announced deal to acquire the Filene's flagship in Boston.

As that property undergoes a massive renovation and is converted to a 38-story tower, the Filene's Basement below will be forced to close. Originally, it was going to try and keep the store open throughout the two-year project, but decided the disruptions--which would have forced the store to move twice--were too much to bear. So instead, the landmark will shutter its doors for a while.

While the Filene's Basement name has been spread to 30 more stores across the country, the original Filene's Basement retained some unique quirks.

Even as Filene's Basement opened other stores that also sell designer clothes for bargain prices, only the original basement in Downtown Crossing kept the unique automatic markdown program, selling items like Prada shoes and Hugo Boss suits for a steal.

Over the years, the Filene's Basement chain also became known for its famous bridal sales, dubbed the "running of the brides" because women would line up before the stores opened and then rush in to snag a deeply discounted wedding gown.

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