Sears Makes Interactive Play to Boost Back-to-School Sales


In an interesting post at the Big Fat Marketing Blog, PROMO editor at large Brian Quinton looks at a new facebook app that Sears has rolled out to try and boost back-to-school purchases for college students.

He writes:

One of the tools, Sears Campus Gift Getter, is a Facebook elaboration of the GiveTogether feature the retailer launched on its main Web site last May. Students can log onto Facebook to register and set up a wish list of items. Friends and family can then register on Facebook, access those wish lists, and select items for purchase and shipment to the student. For big-ticket items, they can use the GiveTogether platform to pool their contribution with other givers and send a larger or more expensive item as a gift.

A Dorm Room Designer tool in the Campus Ready portfolio lets incoming students collaborate with friends and prospective roommates to lay out the basic furnishings of their college room. Users can choose from a range of room shapes and sizes, add doors and windows, and then place the four basic furniture items—bed, dresser, desk and chair—in the room.

With the basic items placed, Facebook users can then access an expandable menu of other Sears furnishings from small appliances and beauty items to clothing and wellness and entertainment products. These product listings open up to show a thumbnail picture of the item, a price, and icons for more information and for adding the item to the user's room list, wish list or shopping cart. Some items such as selected laptops and mini-fridge appliances can also be dragged into the virtual room and placed.

Check out the whole post.

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