Shooting at Ward Parkway

The news of the weekend was the shooting at Ward Parkway Center in Kansas City.

A man, after shooting a 67-year-old woman and taking her car, drove to the mall. On the way he was pulled over by a police officer. The man shot the police officer in the arm and the officer fired back, shooting out the back window of the car the man was driving. He then proceeded to the mall. After pulling into the parking lot, he shot people in cars on either side of him, killing them both, before walking into the property and opening fire. Another person was killed inside before the man was cornered and shot dead by police aided by the mall's security team.

According to the center's Web site, the property is "closed until further notice."

Officials are now reviewing the mall's security footage.

This is at least the fourth shooting of its kind since the beginning of 2005. In addition to the Trolley Square shooting in February, there were also the Tacoma Mall shooting in November 2005 and the Hudson Valley Mall shooting in February 2005.

Update: The suspect used to work at the mall, seemingly as a security guard at the center's Target store.

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