22. DAUM Commercial Real Estate Services

Address801 S Figueroa St. Ste 600
Address (2)Los Angeles, CA 90017
OfficersMichael Nubel, President & CEO; Robert Bothamley, CFO; Chad Jacobson, COO
Value of Leasing Transactions, Global$999,000,000
Leasing Transactions, Global 1,683
Value of Sales Transactions, Global$2,130,000,000
Sales Transactions, Global 680
Global Transactions (Sq. Ft.) 11,830,000
Value of Leasing Transactions, U.S.$999,000,000
Leasing Transaction, U.S. 1,683
Value of Sales Transactions, U.S.$2,130,000,000
Sales Transactions, U.S. 680
U.S. Transactions (Sq. Ft.) 11,830,000
Brokers Employed 145
2017 Revenue
Total Value of Global Transactions$3,129,000,000
Total Global Transactions 2,363
Total Value of U.S. Transactions$3,129,000,000
Total U.S. Transactions 2,363
Property TypesIN, MF, OF, RT
ServicesAM, CO, FM, IS, LA, LR, PJ, PM, TR, VA