Sabal Financial Group Launches Third Party Servicing Business

Sabal Financial Group Launches Third Party Servicing Business

NEWPORT BEACH, CA— Sabal Financial Group L.P., a diversified financial services firm specializing in real estate, lending and banking, has launched Sabal Third Party Servicing, a business division offering commercial real estate and acquisition, development and construction loan primary servicing and special servicing, as well as construction loan administration for clientele nationwide. The business unit offers a platform for servicing large loan portfolios with a core focus on risk management and the maximization of repayment and returns for lender, bank, fund and insurance company clientele operating nationwide.

 “Sabal’s Third Party Servicing provides a solution for lenders nationwide who wish to optimize servicing efficiency and efficacy via a servicer with demonstrated expertise in maximizing returns within large loan portfolios,” Sabal Financial Group CEO Pat Jackson said in a statement. “Our firm has specialized in this arena, servicing significant private equity investors and regulatory agencies for years, and we are now expanding this platform to serve the broader national marketplace.”

Sabal’s services include the servicing of performing loan assets and the special servicing of non-performing loans in varying degrees of default. Additionally, Sabal Third Party Servicing offers construction loan administration services. The service begins with document and cost review process and is followed by construction and budget monitoring, disbursement risk administration includes lien searches, title updates and reporting. 

Real estate veteran Vartan Derbedrossian, head of loan servicing, leads Sabal Third Party Servicing and is based out of Sabal’s Pasadena, Calif. office. Derbedrossian brings 15 years of experience in the banking industry, with significant expertise in loan servicing, retail banking, asset management, liquidation management, risk management, policy administration and lending operations.

Prior to joining Sabal, Derbedrossian led asset management for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s (FDIC) Satellite office in Irvine, Calif., serving as a voting member of the Credit Review Committee for all receiverships in the Western Region of the United States.

Sabal CFO Ron Warwick will also participate with Third-Party Servicing and is based out of Sabal’s headquarters in Newport Beach, Calif. Warwick brings more than 34 years of experience in commercial real estate lending, including financial operations management in highly regulated banking and financial services environments. Prior to joining Sabal, Warwick was the CFO and senior vice president of the commercial service division at Aurora Bank FSB, formerly Lehman Brothers Bank. 

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