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Shopping Center Directory

The industry's most authoritative and accurate source compiled by professional researchers dedicated to continuously expanding our coverage of centers and malls. Shopping Center Directory and Top Contacts contain complete, timely information on 40,000 U.S. centers in directory, CD-ROM, database and additional formats providing owners, developers, real estate brokers, leasing agents, retailers and shopping center professionals with the tools they need to succeed in the industry.

Retail Tenant Directory

The industry's most complete and reliable prospecting guide. Retail Tenant Directory contains complete, timely information on more than 5,300 active U.S. retail companies across 70 retail sectors and more than 19,000 top decision-makers in directory and CD-ROM formats providing owners, developers, leasing executives, retailers, marketers, consultants and others serving the retail marketplace with the tools they need to succeed in the industry.

The only web source for online research; find expanding retailers, identify shopping centers and malls, search by GLA (plus geography and center positioning) and print/download information for offline use. is the electronic link to tenants, centers and consumers. Also includes the Latest Retailer News, Tenant Leads of the Week, thought-provoking retail editorial in Plain Talk and what's happening in The Law. Plus, your Daily Retailer News with timely insights from the professional staff that produces our renowned industry publications. Visit the experts that professionals in sales, marketing and real estate have trusted for more than 75 years. Visit the site today and take the tour.

Shopping Center Directory, Retail Tenant Directory and are the quintessential sources of shopping center, retailer and real estate information. No other company can match the years of experience, quality of data and comprehensive view of the industry found in our products. For more information, please call 1.203.563.3000 or visit

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