Halstead Property and Feathered Nest combine rental divisions

NEW YORK—The rental brokerage firms Halstead Property and Feathered Nest will combine rental divisions under a combined entity called Halstead Property LLC. David A. Burris, Kent M. Swig, Arthur W. Zeckendorf and William Lie Zeckendorf, owners of Halstead Property and Feathered Nest, made the announcement.

The Halstead rental division is among the largest rental brokerage firms in New York with over 60 brokers. Feathered Nest has more than 90 brokers serving all segments of the residential rental and sales market in Manhattan. Feathered Nest, which was purchased by Burris, Swig and the two Zeckendorf brothers in March of 1998, is also the leader in on-site sales on behalf of owners and developer.

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