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10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today (August 20, 2019)

The Wall Street Journal compares WeWork and its competitor IWG. Opportunity zones and co-working spaces lure start-ups and investors looking for companies to back, reports The New York Times. These are among today’s must reads from around the commercial real estate industry.

  1. WeWork Is Valued 10 Times Greater Than This Profitable, Public Rival “Investors and analysts are looking at the rocky experience of a WeWork rival that went public nearly 20 years ago for insight into what could lie ahead for the New York-based co-working company.” (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)
  2. How Opportunity Zones and Co-Working Spaces Joined Forces “Opportunity zones were created to spur development in distressed neighborhoods, but developers in some areas are struggling to find tenants for their new properties. Their savior may be another rising trend in commercial real estate: co-working.” (The New York Times)
  3. Data-Center Market Is Booming Amid Shift to Cloud “Data centers are hot properties, even as many businesses are shedding them to shift their information-technology operations online, to the cloud.” (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)
  4. Why Workforce Housing Is The Unsung Workhorse Of Passive Real Estate Investing “Given today’s ever-changing market, diversified investment portfolios are more important than ever in achieving maximum returns and minimizing overall risk. To hedge their bets, many investors are looking beyond well-diversified stock and bond portfolios to alternative investment vehicles, such as real estate.” (Forbes)
  5. Neighbor Is Out to Disrupt Self-Storage: It’s Like Airbnb For Your Stuff “The premise is pretty simple, much like AirBnB, just with stuff instead of people. Homeowners can advertise space and set their own prices, although the website offers guidelines. Listings are now in 48 states, the District of Columbia, and it is also going international.” (CNBC)
  6. WeWork Analyst Warns IPO Filing a ‘Masterpiece of Obfuscation’ “WeWork’s IPO prospectus lacks the information needed to create a financial model of the company, according to an analyst who specializes in new listings.” (Crain’s New York Business)
  7. Apartments in Financial District Are Languishing “Apartments in Manhattan’s Financial District aren’t exactly trading like blue chips on the nearby New York Stock Exchange.” (Bloomberg)
  8. Fasten Your Seat Belts: Commercial Real Estate Is Taking a Flight to Quality “Real estate, just like the stock market, has its share of ups and downs. And now, after a period of record highs, softening fundamentals are bringing real estate down for a landing.” (Kiplinger)
  9. Downtown Apartment Boom Rolls On, But Developers Pull Back “Developers will complete 9,000 downtown apartments in 2019, 2020 and 2021, down from a projection of 10,700 earlier this year, according to Integra. Development is slowing due to rising construction costs, tougher affordable housing regulations and worries about rising property taxes, said Ron DeVries, senior managing director in Integra’s Chicago office.” (Crain’s Chicago Business)
  10. California Developers Claim They’re Scared to Build in Bay Area, Says Survey “Earlier this month, UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and law firm Allen Matkins released their most recent survey of California developers and found that those with a stake in building housing are feeling gun shy about the Bay Area.” (Curbed San Francisco)
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