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10 must-coronavirus shopping with masks ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images

10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today (May 15, 2020)

Some companies may begin to experiment with AI cameras to ensure social distancing at work, reports the Wall Street Journal. The heads of major companies are raising questions about the future of a post-coronavirus office market, according to CNBC. These are among today’s must reads from around the commercial real estate industry.

  1. Don’t Stand So Close to Me: AI Cameras Police Social Distancing at Work “Coronavirus concerns lead companies to repurpose sensors that monitor office space, but privacy experts worry about mission creep.” (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)
  2. ‘Too Early to Write the Epitaph’ for Office Real Estate, UBS Analyst Says “The heads of major companies are touting the viability of their employees working from home for the long term — or even “forever,” as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said recently — raising questions about the future of a post-coronavirus office market.” (CNBC)
  3. Nursing Homes Are Hot Spots in the Crisis. But Don’t Try Suing Them. “In New York, 5,300 nursing home residents have died of Covid-19. The nursing home lobby pressed for a provision that makes it hard for their families to sue.” (The New York Times)
  4. Coronavirus Finishes the Retail Reckoning That Amazon Started “ hurt many retailers. Coronavirus will finish some of them off.” (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)
  5. Airbnb Went From a Likely 2020 Public Debut to Laying Off 1,900 People and Cutting Projects. Here's How We Got Here. “Airbnb had been a hotly-anticipated candidate for a 2020 public market debut before the coronavirus pandemic grounded travelers.” (Business Insider)
  6. An Industrial Developer’s Insights on the Pandemic’s Impact “Bridge Development Partners’ Jeff Milanaik discusses the changes brought about by the coronavirus crisis in major industrial markets, and what's next for the sector.” (Commercial Property Executive)
  7. Class A Meet Plan B: How the Coronavirus Could Impact NYC’s Newly Built Office Space “The outlook for new office space just got a whole lot more complicated.” (Commercial Observer)
  8. Campus Life in the Fall? A Test With No Clear Answer “The nation’s largest public university system will stay online, but other colleges are determined to bring back students. The patchwork could look much like the rest of the country.” (The New York Times)
  9. Kennedy Wilson, Fairfax Launch $2B Real Estate Debt Platform “Kennedy Wilson and Fairfax Financial Holdings have joined forces to create a $2 billion debt platform that will pursue first mortgage loans secured by real estate in the Western US, Ireland and the UK.” (
  10. State Officials Lay Out Rules for Retailers Reopening “State officials have released details on what kind of retailers can start reopening for limited services on Friday.” (The Real Deal)
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