Eckerman Launches NDF Capital Holdings

Eckerman Launches NDF Capital Holdings

LAS VEGAS—Mike Eckerman, CEO of real estate asset management firm Novus Dia Financial, has launched NDF Capital Holdings, with the intent of educating and encouraging investors to explore the opportunities of real estate fixed income strategies.

Eckerman and his team focus on the real estate market trends of Las Vegas and Southern California. “In both of these markets, the cost to build new exceeds what the property is currently selling for” Eckerman said in a statement. He adds, both Las Vegas and Southern California top the list of areas with the highest pricing gains year over year. “With NDF Capital Holdings, we offer our clients a fixed income stream, supported by residential real estate in these areas. As long as we continue to see the high demand against the shrinking inventory in Vegas and Southern California, we will continue to see these positive increases and lucrative returns” said Eckerman.

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