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Why You Need a Property Website in 2020

Today, individual property websites are a necessity for any CRE professional looking for an edge over the competition.

More than ever, an effective online presence is a necessity for commercial real estate marketing campaigns to be successful. Gone are the days when a handful of entries on the major listing sites were enough to capture the attention of your highest value prospects.

With 80 percent of prospective clients, tenants, and investors starting their property searches, the only way for commercial real estate professionals to ensure beating the competition is to have an online marketing foundation like a property website that can be easily shared across different channels.

What are some of the most important benefits of having a property website? Here’s a closer look.

Make a powerful first impression

A well-designed property website can be a powerful tool to establish trust and make a positive first impression. It’s also a marketing hub that can be shared and connected with any multi-channel campaign, both online and offline. This include email blasts, commercial real estate listings sites, social media and paid advertising and PR.

Analytics and tracking also provide valuable marketing insights into visitors’ behavior, engagement and activity to help streamline marketing and sales processes.

Attract a larger percentage of leads

Building a property website almost immediately sets you apart from the competition. Commercial real estate marketing hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years, meaning most brokers list their properties on LoopNet/CoStar and call it a day.

With a stand-alone property website that is search engine-optimized and mobile-responsive, you can jump the line and make sure more prospects can find you. Having an easy-to-share marketing asset you can build links, share on social media, send dedicated emails and amplify your brand presence across different channels.

Generate leads around the clock

The commercial real estate industry is active 24/7. So, it’s crucial to take ownership of a digital asset that attracts, captures and manages leads around the clock.

With a property website, prospects can learn about key statistics and facts at 2:00 a.m. in bed or at 30,000 feet on their phone. A well-built property website that includes maps, photography, property’s key facts, downloadable documents, broker details, video and 3D tours, provides an engaging and interactive experience and captures leads, filling your pipeline and shortening the sales cycle.

Build credibility and trust

Having a strong online presence gives your business credibility and garners trust and a well-built property website consistent with your brand highlights your marketing, showing potential clients you’re marketing-savvy and invest resources into online promotion.

Why a property website in 2019 is a necessity

Individual property websites provide greater visibility, project a higher degree of professionalism, and help engage with and convert a higher number of prospects into leads. In 2019, individual property websites are no longer optional; they are a necessity for any commercial real estate professional looking for an edge over the competition.

Neska Husar serves as marketing director with SharpLaunch, a provider of commercial real estate marketing software.

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