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Beyond the Hype: Where’s the Green

Beyond the Hype: Where’s the Green

Is it possible to add 10% to your bottom line through energy & sustainability programs?

On May 16th, National Real Estate Investor and Green Per Square Foot are teaming up on a Webinar—exclusively for commercial real estate professionals—that provides the nuts-and- bolts tools you need to identify and quantify short-term return on your green investment.

Topics covered in this Webinar

• What really makes a “green” building? (The answer may surprise you)

• How much is green really worth—are buyers and tenants willing to pay more?

• What green retrofits deliver the biggest bang for the buck?

• Where are the most lucrative financial incentives?

• What’s the best way to identify and quantify opportunities for your facilities?

• How can you determine whether green will pay off for you?

As a participant, you’ll also receive the opportunity to get a customized sustainability roadmap for your real estate holdings.

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