The 10 Most Iconic Apple Stores

The stunning passing of Steve Jobs has led to a massive outpouring of emotion across the globe.

It's also giving people a chance to reflect on how Apple's innovations during Jobs' reign have affected their industries and what visionary leadership means.

We'll have a post up shortly recapping just how great an impact Apple has had on the retail real estate sector. It's come in two ways--the way that Apple Stores have pointed the way forward for other retailers and how the proliferation of smartphones and tablets is altering the way people shop.

Concerning the former, it's an opportune time to revisit what Apple has done in the 10+ years it has operated retail stores. With that in mind, here is a gallery of, in our opinion, the 10 most iconic Apple stores around the globe.

Click on the images below to reveal larger views.

[gallery columns="5"]

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