Activity Picks Up as Day 2 Gets Underway

The 2010 ICSC RECon show got underway on Sunday, but the real wheeling and dealing has now begun. The convention floor is notably more active and tables at developer and broker booths are fuller than they were for much of Sunday. It confirms a suspicion many had coming in that a lot of attendees didn't fully adjust to the conference's new format. It is expected that today will be the most active in the Leasing Mall with meetings continuing most of tomorrow.

Many of the conversations I had yesterday revolved around leasing and social networking. In today's meetings I hope to get a better feel for what's going on with investment sales. Has the bid/ask gap narrowed? Is volume picking up? Is there a market for class-B and class-C assets? And how much of the recovery in sales is ultimately tied to the health of the capital markets?

After my afternoon slate of meetings concludes I'll try and pop back on and jot down a few thoughts. In the mean time, keep checking the Twitter feed and check our site for comprehensive coverage.

Lastly, thanks to everyone that stopped by the meet and greet we held at the Retail Traffic booth this morning. It's always good to put faces with the names behind phone numbers and email addresses.

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