Ann Taylor to Close 30 More Stores in 2009

Any Taylor will close 30 more stores than it had previously projected.

The original plan, laid out in January 2008, called for cutting 13 percent of AnnTaylor staff at headquarters and closing 117 stores.

Krill said on Thursday the company now plans to close an additional 30 stores, but aims to relocate those stores' best workers to other stores. Any job losses resulting from store closures are not included in the 160, Krill said.

She reiterated the company's plan to open 14 new stores this year.

Numbers below have been updated.

Bankruptcies and Liquidations:

Potential Bankruptcies & Liquidation Impact: 1,541 confirmed closures out of about 3,185 stores

Announced Closings

Total Closings: up to 1,630 U.S. stores

Potential Impact of All Announcements to Date: 3,171 closures out of up to 5,015 potentially affected U.S. stores

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