Another Look at Distressed Assets

Madison Marquette has published a detailed look at the possible fallout of distressed retail real estate assets at 63 markets across the country. The company joins Real Capital Analytics, which is also attempting to understand the potential impacts of distressed assets.

Madison Marquette has constructed an index to measure distress. You can go to the Places blog to view the report. Or you can read it below.

There's been a lot of talk for almost a year now about investors compiling war chests for acquiring distressed assets. Now it appears there is some really excellent data being put together that could help guide these investors. This data could be a critical piece in helping grow investment sales volumes again.

The first page of its report goes into the detail on the 63 cities. It's built in part with CoStar data and measures current vacancy, the velocity at which vacancies have been increasing, absorption metrics and construction metrics. From this the company has constructed a "distress index" and cities are ranked by how they fare. The second page shows the chart ranking cities by their distress index.

Distressed U.S. Retail Real Estate Assets: Predicted Location By Metropolitan Market by Madison Marquette

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