Cabela's To Make the Most of Less Space

A sign of the times? Cabela's is trying to fit all of its merchandise into smaller spaces. There's been lots of talk about retailers making more efficient of use of selling space. This is a good example of what many firms are thinking about or doing.

Cabela's announced earlier that new stores would be smaller but more efficient in order to generate more sales dollars per square foot.

The spokesman, John Castillo, said Monday that a customer walking through the door would not notice any significant differences.

The changes involve things such as placing the mountain display, a fixture of Cabela's stores, against a wall rather than having it in the middle of the space, and setting a deer display above the firearms counter rather than on the floor.

"While it is a smaller, 80,000-square-foot store, it still has all the features," Castillo said.

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