CBL to Launch Mobile App

In the wake of all the fanfare surrounding Simon Property Group's partnership with the Shopkick mobile app, CBL & Associates announced it will soon launch its own mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. The mall owner feels mobile marketing is the way of the future and has been talking to app developers for the past few months. It finally settled on Slicker Interactive LLC as its partner. CBL's mobile app, mallMerlin, will be launched at the majority of CBL's malls by the beginning of next year.

The app will mimic the natural way people shop, according to CBL's spokesperson. The content will be customized to the individual shopper and his/her location within the center and will include special promotions, high-definition video and in-mall navigation tools. CBL's retail tenants will be able to participate in the program free of charge, but will have to pay a fee if they opt to upgrade their content by, for example, offering digital coupons.

Madison Marquette was the first mall owner in U.S. to launch a property-specific mobile app earlier this year, for its Asbury Park center.

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