Is Cedar the Victim of a Misunderstanding?

Business Insider noticed that Cedar Shopping Centers' stock was down about 6 percent for the day and wondered if it was because of the big Bloomberg write-up about the firm CDR Financial Products. Cedar's stock symbol happens to be CDR.

The brief piece speculates that Cedar may be getting hit because some people may be confused about the difference between the two companies. It might just be an innocent victim being taken down because of another company's wrongdoing and some misunderstandings in the market about who is who.

Then again, just about every retail REIT is down today. Kite Realty Group, for example, is down about 7 percent right now--even more than Cedar. And the trading volume on Cedar isn't out of whack either. So it may have nothing to do with the Bloomberg story at all.

Either way, it just goes to show the vagaries of the market these days.

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