Changing the Format of the Blog

I'm toying with the format of the blog. Until now, many of the posts here have been links to single stories in which I've posted a handful of a paragraphs and a link back to the original story. But I think those kinds of posts are less interesting and I can accomplish the same thing through posting links to single stories to our Twitter feed. I'd like to turn the blog into something more analytical and provide commentary on stories. I'd also like to engage in more direct dialogue with readers of this blog.

So, what I'm going to do is post stories as I see them to Twitter and then post roundups of links to several stories at once to the blog once a day. Other posts here will include videos, Scribd documents, longer commentaries or posts with lots of links on a single topic--things that don't make as much sense to post to Twitter. (For example, I'd like to do more posts like this one on store closures.)

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