Clear Channel Launches "Total Immersion" Mall Marketing

he "Oh Zone" campaign, scheduled to debut in the U.S. in March 2008 after an 18-month Canadian run, allows participating marketers to acquire leads, gather data about consumer attitudes, and distribute samples--all in one experiential package.

The "Oh Zone" campaign centers on portable sets that include digital video displays and interactive touch-screen consoles. Consumers are directed to the installations by greeters who offer an incentive in the form of a game piece. Once there, they are guided through the interactive displays by staff who explain how to enter contests, respond to product questionnaires, and print out "game cards" that can be redeemed when they proceed to the event area.

The event area is divided into a number of 5-foot-by-7-foot stalls, expo-style, where representatives of each brand greet shoppers, explain their products, and distribute samples. The stalls can also include demonstration products and additional digital displays. Up to eight different brands may participate in each event, with Clear Channel promising category exclusivity for participants.

More at MediaDailyNews.

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