Coming Soon: A Documentary About Dead Malls

A university professor and filmmaker is producing a documentary, "Our Mall", exploring why some malls in the Kansas City area died or are dying. You can see a trailer here.

Kansas City filmmaker Daven Gee attempts to figure out what led to the mall's decline and its future fate — along with other dying malls throughout the country — in his one-hour documentary, “Our Mall,” now in production.

“Malls really provided this very rare social space in American life for many people — a taste of freedom as teenagers, certainly the attraction of shopping, cool products, and the mall equivalent of a town square,” said Gee, an assistant professor of film and media at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

“There are all these people, all these different shapes or sizes, like you belong to a community. You don't get that at a strip mall.”

More here.

(Spotted at BlogKC.)

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