Community Protests Shopping Center Owners

The mailboxes of Shoreway Shopping Center owners Marc Levin and James Ratner should soon be stuffed full of mail from Sheffield Lake.

Postcards preprinted with their addresses were passed out to hundreds of Sheffield Lake residents who flocked to the shopping center Monday in an effort to convince the owners to sell what many called a defunct “eyesore” ravaging the city's economy.

“A lot of the signs you're carrying make reference to slumlords holding the city hostage,” said Sheffield Lake Mayor John Piskura from atop a flatbed semitrailer. “The truth of the matter is they've been playing games with this city for over 30 years.”

Piskura asked residents to fill out the cards, supplied by a city resident, to help spur a reaction from the owners.

“It's one of the last things we haven't tried,” he said after the rally. “We need to raise awareness because I don't think the beneficiaries of the trust (who own the shopping center) know what's going on here. I think when they do, they'll take interest and do something.”


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