Cracking Down on Breastfeeding

Mall security guards may have played no role in stopping the mall shooting that occurred in Utah last week, but there is one "crime" they're prosecuting, at least at the Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing, Pa.: breastfeeding.

REPORTER: So Leigh says she found a quiet spot on a bench facing a tree in the center of the court - her husband and daughter sitting next to her.

Leigh: I had my stroller sitting in front of me. I was breastfeeding quietly and nobody seemed to mind.

REPORTER: But apparently - someone did. Leigh says she was approached by a security guard who, after receiving a complaint - asked her to cover up.

Tony Bellini: I think my wife would be more embarrassed than anybody else if she were showing excess skin.

REPORTER: The Bellinis say the situation escalated and when Leigh wouldn't follow the guard's orders - the Bellinis say the guard threatened to call police and ban them from the mall.

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