The Curfew Bandwagon Expands

Two more stories about mall curfews. The San Jose Mercury News offers one report. The other comes via The Flint Journal.

The first story talks of the The Shops of River Park. The second is a bit longer and examines a program that has been in use for eight weeks.

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights is being asked to consider whether the Genesee Valley shopping center's weekend curfew discriminates against youths.

"As of now, this is something we are looking into. It is not a formal investigation," said Harold Core, department spokesman.

The Flint Township mall instituted its Family Friendly Hours @5 Program nearly eight weeks ago in response to complaints about rowdy groups of youths congregating late at the mall on weekends. In January, a melee at the mall among several youths resulted in five arrests.

For previous entries on mall curfews:

Retail Traffic also reported on the issue in March.

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