DeBoer Talks Fed Facilities

Here's a transcript of a brief interview with Real Estate Roundtable CEO Jeffrey DeBoer talking about the current state of commercial real estate and what's happening with the fed programs aimed at helping the commercial real estate sector. In related news, here's a scathing commentary posted at Fox Business News examining the possibility of further government aid coming to the industry.

DHUE: Now the Federal Reserve has its TALF program. When do you see that being executed and what does it need to have in it to restart these markets?

DEBOER: Well, the TALF -- we think that the outline that has been put forward by Secretary Geithner and Chairman Bernanke and Bill Dudley from the New York Fed, the outline is a good outline with the Term Asset Lending Facility, the TALF and the public/private investment partnership, the PPIP. It is a mouthful but the seeds are there if they operationally, the details make sense. We're concerned that it's taken quite some time for these programs which were announced now sometime ago. But they're very complicated. Staff of those agencies are working on them. And if they can be put in place we think they will help provide a road map out of this problem.

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