Forget Curfews. Try Mosquitos.

As we've documented before, an increasing number of U.S. mall owners are adopting curfews to control teen populations at their properties. But here's an interesting solution being tried in Canada.

It's called the 'Mosquito,' but a security device new to Canada actually chases away humans - of the teenage persuasion.

Two months ago, Vancouver-based Dynatrac Systems Inc. bought the distribution rights for the 'Mosquito' from its makers, Compound Security Systems (CCS), based out of Britain.

According to CCS, the Mosquito emits a high frequency sound that people older than 25 can't hear because of natural hearing loss.

"From what I understand, it's a very, very annoying sound," said Dynatrac spokesman Michael Gibson.

Gibson said a major convenience store chain is testing the device in three of its stores in B.C. and is finding that it scatters loitering youth within four or five minutes of being exposed to the sound.

More here.

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