General Growth Strikes Back

Apparently tired of what it believes to be a too-low valuation in the stock market, General Growth put out a release this morning saying it "pursuing a comprehensive evaluation of its alternatives, both financial and strategic, in an effort to align the market value of the Company's common stock more closely with the intrinsic value of the Company's stable, high quality portfolio of real estate assets."

The company added, it will be in a position to offer "long-term fixed-rate portfolio mortgage financing to lenders in mid to late November, and in the interim will actively pursue several sources of financing for the Company's near term maturing obligations. The Company and its advisors are also developing a comprehensive, strategic plan to generate capital from a variety of potential sources including, but not limited to, both core and non-core asset sales, the sale of joint venture or preferred equity in selected pools of its assets, a corporate level capital infusion, and/or strategic business combinations."

Update 7:00 PM: General Growth did not do well in trading on Monday. It seems the market didn't like this announcement. Most stocks were down, but General Growth was done more than most.

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