Georgia Supreme Court Looking at Mall Gift Cards

The state's highest court today heard a second round of arguments in a case claiming that a popular mall gift card cheats customers.

The Georgia Supreme Court heard arguments in the same case back in October, but in an unusual move -- and without giving a reason -- the justices asked attorneys in the high-profile case to return to rehash their arguments for a second time.

On one side, former Gov. Roy Barnes asked the court again to stop mall owner Simon Property Group from imposing fees and expiration dates that he says are illegal and "a scam." The cards lost $2.50 in value each month after six months and expired after 18 months.

Barnes likened the cards' expiration date to a mechanic saying he can keep a vehicle if left at his shop after close of business.

"Even if you have a contract, it would be unconscionable to allow that," he said.

Read the full story at the Indianapolis Star.

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