Growing Rift Appears Between Mayor and Developers in Boston's Downtown Crossing Project (Friday's News & Notes)

We've reported before how the relationship between Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino and the developers of the Downtown Crossing project might have been compromised by some ill-advised remarks by Vornado head Stephen Roth.

It now seems Menino is determined to be the one calling the shots on the project. According to newly emerged reports, the Mayor refused to go along with Vornado and Gale International's proposal to build the project in phases, starting with new digs for Filene's Basement and a parking garage. The plan would allow the developers to finally start construction on the project rather than waiting for market conditions to correct enough to allow the construction of the planned residential component.

The Mayor, however, reportedly saw this as another ploy to make the project benefit the developers at the expense of the city.

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