How to Fight Online Rivals, Part II

It turns out promoting their websites isn't the only thing bricks-and-mortar retailers can do to make sure online-only sites won't steal their marketshare. They can also partner with those sites in a way that benefits everyone.

Today's New York Times features a story about how Nordstrom has struck a relationship with online menswear brand Bonobos that will allow Bonobos to sell its clothes inside Nordstrom stores. In exchange, Nordstrom will be able to leverage Bonobos' e-marketing expertise.

According to the Times:

Nordstrom's online effort has already been influenced by its purchases. In the last year, the company has improved the personalization and targeting of e-mails to consumers, mirroring efforts by HauteLook. Such tweaks have increased engagement “pretty significantly,” according to Mr. Nordstrom. The executives at HauteLook, along with the team at Bonobos, will also help the company design new applications for mobile devices and
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